APHRODITE Goddess of Love

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    She’s looking fantastic!
    I like the idea of seeing what a shorter skirt would look like as well
    Also, a vote for a removable skirt; I did see what was said about it above (ie probably not), but liked what you said regarding the original concept for her, and fully cast off seems a good option for this piece in particular; well, naked option but for some adornments/jewelry
    BTW, you nailed her hair

    ARH Studios
    ARH Studios

    Fully nude is an option, but I would have to change the skirt into a sash! I have plenty of statues with cash already. It would not be very original to have another. You guys can voice your opinion. IF the full nude is so important, more than an original design, I can make it happen. Let me know here your opinion.

    By they keep in mind that she wears sandals. She will be nude, BUT with sandals on. Weird?! I don’t know. Let me know your thoughts.



    I would like the removable skirt option too.



    actually I think a few members are right. A shorter skirt my be cool or a second option?



    Leave the skirt, don’t break away from the mythology for the sake of nakedness.There are plenty other naked statues.Leave some clothes on her please.

    ARH Studios
    ARH Studios

    I agree with you that we have plenty of naked girls already. That’s why I gave her a skirt instead of a removable sash, so it could be more accurate to the character. I’ll try the option of shortening it a bit and see how it looks.


    I guess I am supposed to be neutral, but I couldn’t resist…I agree 100% with Zeus. Beauty and sexuality are two different things, and definitely I would like to see beauty on Aphrodite.



    Ma traduction marche mal, j’aimerai que cette magnifique sculpture tout comme les autres femmes, je souhaites des maquillages sur les visages léger et doux, je déteste les couleurs criardes ça ne fait pas du tout naturel, ce n’est pas joli des couleurs flash.
    J’avais donner a titre d’exemples les Arkhalla elles ont de beaux maquillages, et de belles couleurs de résine naturelle. Sharleze ainsi que Sariah et Neferfiti prendre exemple sur vos belles Arkhalla séduction ou fight pour les maquillages.



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    Underworld Marcus.

    Sorry to ask this question in here but I can’t find any other solution .
    Is it also possible for us members to sell and buy a statue from each other ?
    Because I have an old Genghis Khan Statue which is Artist proof and I want to sell it to another collector here who will cherisch this as I alway’s did.

    If it’s not possible to write it here can you please tell me where I can sell it on this forum.

    Thanks in advance.

    Pictures of this statue on request.
    And I am located in the EU.

Viewing 10 posts - 16 through 25 (of 25 total)

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