ARH Studios turns 10!

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    ARH Studios
    ARH Studios

    Back in 2008, I realized I wasn’t too good of a sculptor to be hired by other companies that produced super-hero statues, so I decided to make my own.  It has been a long journey. An arduous and tough climb, each step of the way like stepping barefoot over prickly pebbles… but we got here.

    Today, we are a little closer. A little stronger. A little higher.  We started with our 1/8th scale statues back in 2008 when Bowen Designs reigned supreme. A couple of years later Sideshow Toys started distributing ARH Studios, and we dived into the 1/4th scale statues. Years later, in 2013, we had our first COMIC CON in New York and two more in the subsequent years. We launched ARH COMIX in 2014 and a very cool line of our own comic book characters. Two full-fledged book novels (so far), and today we have an expanding 1/6th scale line of Phicen Action Figures made of our comic book characters!

    All came from a dream. All came from the seeds I planted ten years ago. Seeds that for many times I thought would never germinate. But they did! Today, we have small plants with small green leaves. Soon, they will bear fruits!

    I look forward to the future. I look forward to everything else we will be able to create with ARH Studios in the next ten years. Today, I celebrate a decade of a dream that is coming true. But above all today I celebrate all our customers and fans that stuck with us through high and low, and I make a promise. There is a lot more to come. A lot more!


    Arahom Radjah



    The new statues are turning out awesome! You reached a new level of sculpting! Looking forward to a great 2019!

    Louis Reinhold
    ARH Studios Customer Support

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    Well, congrats on this HUGE 10-YEAR ANNIVERSARY!

    I know things have been a bit rocky now and then, but you’ve managed to pull through and the future looks very bright. I can’t wait to see all of the treasures that will be coming out of ARH in the near future.

    Derwin Beushausen



    Bonjour Arahom, c’est bien d’être humble pour vous l’êtes mais moi je trouves que vos sculptures sont de grande beauté, vous avez un talent énorme et un grand potentiel, vos statues ont attend un tel niveau depuis le début !
    vous vous perfectionnez de jours en jours, et n’avez franchement rien a envié aux autres fabricants, vu le détail impressionnant de vos personnages, par contre attention au travail de peinture ! ce n’est pas de votre faute, mais surveillez bien ceux qui y travaillent car ça peut nuire vos superbes sculptures !
    Peinture naturelle, pas forcé sur les maquillages, trop de couleurs vivent tuent une sculpture, idem couleur de résine trop orange pas top, résine couleur chair comme Arkhalla légèrement bronzé pas orange, c’est superbe !
    encore bravo je suis passionné !



    Congratulations on this awesome milestone!!! I haven’t been here the whole trip but I have been along for a couple years now and I look forward to many more to come!!!

    ARH Studios
    ARH Studios

    Thank you, guys! Thank you for being part of our new forum. I’ll keep this place always updated with the latest news about ARH Studios.


    The Great Pheidias

    Congrats ARH! Thanks for all the great statues over the years! All the best for the future releases!


    Raymund L. Sarabia

    Congratulations on your 10th year Anniversary! More power to your company and looking forward to more impressive statues in the coming years.

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