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    ARH Studios
    ARH Studios

    Arkhalla is today way more than a statue. She grew into a UNIVERSE within ARH Studios. We have made statues, comic books, novels, action figures and there is more to come, a lot more. So I want to give you all a quick glimpse into her universe!  Into ARKHALLA’S UNIVERSE

    The first story we wrote about Arkhalla was an attempt to create a precursor of a comic book monthly title where Arkhalla was a malevolent queen who was betrayed, killed, and would wake up in the future (present days) to claim vengeance over those responsible for her demise.  This idea lasted very shortly, and basically after the first issue of Queen of Vampires was written by Abraham Kawa, I changed Arkhalla’s story into a love story. Shamath came into the picture, everything changed, and Arkhalla’s Universe was born.

    Today, I have plotted already eleven novels, meaning eleven full books to tell Arkhalla’s full SAGA. I divided these eleven books into four phases or stories. Soon, I intend to make them into a continuing monthly series of comic books that will last at least the same number of years to explore, meaning, we have stories to tell for at least eleven years!!!

    So far, we have published only TWO of these eleven novels, the first one was QUEEN OF VAMPIRES (which we also released as a graphic novel) and the follow-up sequel called THE WORLD WITHOUT ARKHALLA. But before I talk about the other nine novels, I have to say that right now we are RE-WRITING Queen of Vampires. The reason is simple. Once the story was completed, and I realized how big Arkhalla Universe actually was, I noticed a lot of problems, mistakes and things I wanted to change in the original story, so I re-wrote the whole story and passed it on to Abraham to write a full new novel that basically tells the “same story” of an Undying queen that falls in love with her human slave, but this time making sure that the story is what it should have been since the beginning!

    Abraham is close to finishing it now, and soon we will release this new version of the story, and this time we will call it “THE UNDYING QUEEN OF UR” and get rid of the word “vampires” that to be honest has very little or nothing to do with the Arkhalla mythos.   The word “vampire” unfortunately was a mistake that limited the scope of what the story is about. This is not and never was a story about vampires, and it has nothing to do with what most people think of vampires, so we changed it!

    Now once this new book is released, we will have the following line up of novels:

    PHASE ONE =  Arkhalla and Shamath love story.




    Phase One, or the original trilogy is the story you are all most familiar with. It tells the story of Arkhalla and how she met Shamath and how everything in her life changed after that. Once phase one is completed, we will have the closing of Arkhalla and Shamath’s love story. But the saga does not end here!


    PHASE TWO = The White Queen Saga.





    Phase Two tells the story of a NEW queen, a new Undying Queen that rises to power to fulfill Asag’s plans for mankind. The White Queen will replace Arkhalla and bring terror and destruction to mankind as never seen before in the times she reigned over the world.


    PHASE THREE = Origins.




    Phase Three tells the origins of Arkhalla. We go really further back in time to show how her mother, Queen Inanna, and her father, King Anshara met and fell in love. These are the most “fairytale” love stories of the whole saga. We will see one of the most beautiful and most tragic love stories ever told along with all the details about the origins of Arkhalla, Bel, Narama, and all the characters we came to know and love.  The last book of this phase ends right at that crucial moment where Arkhalla and Shamath are about to meet for the first time.


    PHASE FOUR = The very end. The future!

    Book Eleven: THE LAST UNDYING

    This phase is comprised of only one book and one single story of the last Undying alive. Since my very original idea was to bring these characters to the future (present times), I decided to write one last story to end the saga by bringing one of the characters all the way to the present and end the series after 5,000 years since its beginning. This is a FANTASTIC story that will close the whole saga in a spectacular way. After that, I will never write or allow anyone else ever to write a story about these characters again.  Their universe has a beginning, a middle and an end! And it ends here!


    So here it is! The whole spectrum of ARKHALLA’S UNIVERSE, so you can all have an idea of what is coming.  Of course, it will take years until we publish the very last book of the series, but a comic book monthly title, might be a possibility soon, so who knows!  It might happen sooner than we expect!






    Incredible! This is truly ambitious, Arahom. I have read all of her comics and I really like them. I’ve also purchased both books and I will be reading them soon. If they are anything like the comics, I will support this series all the way.

    ARH Studios
    ARH Studios

    The books are sooo much better! There’s so much more information in the books. The text makes you really feel the story, the characters, and it is so captivating to read the story in the novels.

    The book “Arkhalla Queen of Vampires” is basically a novelization of the graphic novel, and has the same story plus a bunch of extra content and scenes, so it is worth reading just to see the extra stuff, but the RE-WRITE of this book is something phenomenal, worthy of a Hollywood mega-movie production. The story was re-thought, re-designed, and re-written to fix all the small problems we had with it in the comic book, so when we release the new version, THE UNDYING QUEEN OF UR, we will shake this industry!

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    Are the novels available? I only thought it was just the graphic novel.

    ARH Studios
    ARH Studios

    So far we have released two novels in book format. QUEEN OF VAMPIRES (which is a novelization of the graphic novel) and the second part of the story (book two) called THE WORLD WITHOUT ARKHALLA. Book Two tells the story of what happened after Arkhalla’s death.

    The book QUEEN OF VAMPIRES is being re-written and the story will change a little from what we showed in the comic book. Actually, it will change a lot, but the story is still about Arkhalla and Shamath falling in love.


    Adam Reutter

    This isnt about the Arkhalla Universe, but I didnt see anywhere else to ask about it… so I was wondering about the Twin Mermaids Graphic novel… was that ever published??? I remember waiting for it on your website forever, and then it seemed to go from Coming Soon to kind of just an advertisement with no Sold Out or In Stock… its just there telling what its plot is…

    ARH Studios
    ARH Studios

    We never published the Mermaids graphic novel. Due to our financial struggle during the past couple of years (2017, 2018), I had to halt all ARH ComiX projects, but we are on the right path to resume some projects now in 2019. The Mermaids is definitely on my list to produce next.



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