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    ARH Studios
    ARH Studios

    Here are some images of the Cleopatra statue displaying the EX head.  The head is in production and will ship separately from the statue later on when we receive our next shipment.

    I believe we had a few canceled sales, so please contact Louis at customer service to confirm if we still have any statues available in stock. The good news is that she is ready to ship immediately after payment is received!

    cleo-factory-ex cleo-factory-ex_2 cleo-factory-ex_3 cleo-factory-ex_4 cleo-factory-ex_6 cleo-factory-ex_8 cleo-factory-ex_12 cleo-factory-ex_14 cleo-factory-ex_19 cleo-factory-ex_23 cleo-factory-ex_28 cleo-factory-ex_35 cleo-factory-ex_39 cleo-factory-ex_45 cleo-factory-ex_48 cleo-factory-ex_52 cleo-factory-ex_53 cleo-factory-ex_57 cleo-factory-ex_61 cleo-factory-ex_63 cleo-factory-ex_66 cleo-factory-ex_68 cleo-factory-ex_69 cleo-factory-ex_74 cleo-factory-ex_76




    I have well received mine in perfect shape. She is very very nice (and huge :-) ) Now I am waiting for this new head as she will be even more beautiful with it !

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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