SHARLEZE The Good Mermaid EX HUMAN SKIN version

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    ARH Studios
    ARH Studios

    The EX alternative Human Skin version of Sharleze the Good Mermaid.

    This is a 1/4th scale statue, and for those who own the first TWIN MERMAIDS statue we released, be aware that this one is considerably bigger than the first one. They are technically both 1:4th scale, but this is bigger (and badder!)

    Now, Pre-Orders will be up soon, but we probably will not pre-order her through ARH Studios. We might have this piece available ONLY through retailers and not through ARH STUDIOS WEBSITE.

    This I still have to confirm, but chances are that this will be the case.

    The statue was sculpted by Arahom Radjah (After Ehren Bienert) and was painted by our factory in China based on the previous version painted by Arahom Radjah)

    Let me know what you think in the comments below.

    sharleze-skin-6 sharleze-skin-1 sharleze-skin-2 sharleze-skin-3 sharleze-skin-4 sharleze-skin-5 sharleze-skin-6 sharleze-skin-7 sharleze-skin-8 sharleze-skin-9 sharleze-skin-10 sharleze-skin-11 sharleze-skin-12 sharleze-skin-13



    J’adore aussi cette version de sirène, elle a un visage aux traits très fins et doux, le visage est beau et la nuance de cheveux 2 tons de doré est sympa, et sont corps de poisson avec ce superbe bleu ressort bien, bravo encore !

    ARH Studios
    ARH Studios

    I’m glad you liked her, Frederic!

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