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    ARH Studios
    ARH Studios
    Our New Book is ready!! Well, this is a long story to explain, so I’ll do my best here.
    Basically, in short, we RE-WROTE the entire story we wrote for Queen of Vampires!
    Yeah! It sounds crazy, but this is what we did. This new book has 500 plus pages of content against the 300 initial pages of the story we wrote for QOV.
    The reasons for that are many, but the main reason is that when I first imagined Arkhalla’s story, we imagined it as a comic book graphic novel that could spawn a monthly title later, but after we released the book and I started to work on the sequels, I realized that the story we first told needed a lot of changes, updates, and extra content, so we could have a total and complete view of what Arkhalla really is.
    As I have posted here earlier and also on our Facebook page, the whole saga of Arkhalla now spans throughout eleven novels, and in order to make everything from beginning to end make sense and be flawless, we needed this re-imagining of who Arkhalla was.
    So, I will be very honest here. This book tells the same story you are familiar with from the comics and from the book Queen of Vampires, BUT this is a completely different story at the same time!! 200 extra pages of content and a lot of changes that make the story SO MUCH BETTER!!
    This book is my masterpiece, and I cannot wait to start showing it to all you guys!
    So here goes a great deal, I’ll be offering to ALL OF YOU who have bought the book QOV already. In order to make it even more enticing, I will give you ALL a 50% discount on the purchase of this book, UNDYING QUEEN OF UR, but with ONE single condition.
    The condition is that you guys write to me at least a couple of lines of feedback on what you think of the story so far. If you read QOV and The World Without Arkhalla, then please let me know what you think about both books.
    One thing I promise. This new book is AMAZING, so, so much better than the first one. We changed practically everything, and the things that we did not change for the better, we expanded and added a lot more content.
    So that’s it! The e-book will be ready in a few days more, and the paper copies are going to be printed this next week as well. So prepare yourself, because NOW we are REALLY entering a new era with ARH COMIX. This book is the beginning of ARKHALLA’S UNIVERSE!!!
    You will love it!
    Arahom Radjah
    ARH ComiX


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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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