The third and final version of ARHIAN costumes from her first graphic novel is finally here. ARHIAN PIRATE is a version of ARHIAN from before she became a bounty hunter and sailed the seven seas alongside Captain RAS, her former lover and companion of adventures. Sculpted by Arahom Radjah, this fantastic 1/4th scale statue is a faithful depiction of the incredible design created for the comics by the artist Yannis Roumboulias.

Now with legs!!!  We are in the final stages of preparing the new Medusa Victorious with legs!  With luck we might have it painted by the end of this week yet! Stay tuned!

ARHIAN’s young syster, SHAR-YN was raised by Queen Evellin, the queen of the Amazons as her adoptive daughter after ARHIAN left to fight in the ARKHORIAN WARS. All this and much more you will learn in ARHIAN’s first graphic novel, ARHIAN HEAD HUNTRESS!  For now, we can give you a small taste of what’s coming with this new magnificent statue of SHAR-YN, the Amazon princess!

New York COMIC CON – ARH Studios Statue Giveaway!!!

I personally want to thank all of you guys who pre-ordered Leonidas EX and Achilles EX.

For ARH Studios, this is a great help! It is because of you guys that we can keep producing new statues, and it is because of you guys that we will be able to put out a great show at New York Comic Con this year with some very, very special pieces.

In order to show my appreciation, I will give away, entirely FOR FREE two statues at Comic Con 2015, one MEDUSA statue, and one TWIN MERMAIDS statue. We will even pay shipping costs on them.

This is how it will work:

All the names of the buyers who pre-ordered ACHILLES IMMORTALITY EX will go in one glass bow, and all the names of those who pre-ordered LEONIDAS EX will go on another glass bow.

In front of a camera, and we will post it on YouTube, so we all can watch it, I will pick one name out of each bow, and the names I pick will be the winners of the statues.

In order to be totally fair with all involved, I will also add the manes of all those who pre-ordered ARHIAN CITY OF HORRORS, FRAZETTA BARBARIAN, AND PERSEUS vs MEDUSA

If you pre-ordered more than one of those statues, I will add your name for each statue you pre-ordered, so if you bought two statues, one Achilles and one Leonidas for instance, you have two chances of winning!

This giveaway will happen on the first day of the NEW YORK Con, at 6:00 pm, and we will post it on YouTube as soon as the first day of the show is over!

Good luck to all of you, and trust me when I say it. I feel honored to be able to produce these statues for you guys!

Arahom Radjah
ARH Studios Inc.

Get to know a little about ASTRIA, a character who will captivate you as you could never imagine!

ASTRIA SOMMERS  a fragile woman who had her life, hopes and dreams  destroyed by the cowardice of criminals. Not being able to cope with her suffering, ASTRIA goes down a path of revenge and self-destruction that leads her into a journey of no return. Helped by her father a paraplegic man who has no one else but her only daughter, ASTRIA engages into a thrilling vendetta against those who wronged her, measuring no consequences to accomplish her goals.

ASTRIA is a compelling story that will touch your most inner feelings of love and loss as it fights your most strong sense of morals, right, and wrong!


We have been working non-stop to get the first comic books ready, and we are almost there! This year at New York Comic Con, ARH Comix will be officially releasing the first three Graphic Novels of ARHIAN, ASTRIA, and ARKHALLA, the Queen of Vampires!

Stop by our booth to get your FREE Comic Book NEW YORK CON edition, and enter the magnificent world of fantasy and adventures created by ARH Studios. You’ll be hooked!!

We want to inform all our costumers that unfortunately we were not able to transfer all the registered accounts to the new website platform, so we need all of you who have an account with ARH Studios or a pre-order to re-register your account with the new website.


We have on file all your orders and nothing was lost, so there is no reason for concern if you try to log in and the website does not recognize your account. Everything is perfectly fine, and the only thing you need to do is to re-register your account.


If you have questions or concerns, please just contact us for more information.

Our new Medusa 1/4th scale is in final phase of sculpting by Ehren Bienert! “Medusa Victorious” will be at NY Comic Con this October 2015 and ready for Pre-Orders!


Our newest Leonidas King statue is ready for printing!


Back in 2009, Arahom Radjah sculpted a small 1/8th scale version of this statue, and it was always his dream to have it re-sculpted in 1/4th scale. The first Leonidas 1/8th scale statue still holds to date the record of most pieces sold for ARH Studios, and it is one of Arahom’s favorite pieces in his collection.


This new piece was totally sculpted digitaly by Andrey and Ehren who made some small adjustments and revisions on Andrey’s work. Now six years later, Leonidas is back in this most iconic pose ready to enhance any collection of Greek History and Mythology!

You can now be part of the ARH Team by wearing one of ours officially and licensed T-shirts and hats! Available now and ready to ship. Look for it on our PRODUCTS section under “ARH Gear.”